Newfoundland sea


Phoca seal oil on Ice
phoca seal oil gel


180*500mg soft gel

well balanced pure harp seal oil

easy to swallow and dissolves rapidly


phoca seal oil liquid


120ml liquid form

Versatile and great tasting lemon flavour seal oil

clean as water with no reflux



Phoca Omega3 Seal Oil

Vision: Bring health around the world, provide employment opportunities, and increase social benefit

Mission: 100% ultimate use the entire seal, provide the highest quality seal products

Phoca seal oil

The Ultimate Health Boost

For centuries, medical field around the world has found that Eskimo have a low risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and cancer. In the 70s, Canadian medical researchers concluded that Eskimo mainly consume seal oil, seal meat and fish, which are rich in OMEGA-3, will prevent them from these diseases.

Natural ingredients

Seal oil is the most natural sea animal product with the highest nutritional value, that can improve microcirculation system and strengthen immune system. The main ingredients of Harp seal oil are OMEGA-3 fatty acid, Squalene and vitamin E. It has been confirmed by the medical field that OMEGA-3 can purify blood, balance blood pressure, repair blood vessels and strengthen immune system. Seal oil consists 20-25% of OMEGA-3, is much richer in OMEGA-3 compares to fish oil.

Sustainable Canadian seal oil

The Canadian government believes in the sustainable use of a renewable resource such as the harp seal. As with all Canadian fisheries, Fisheries and Oceans Canada supports and regulates the seal harvest and is committed to ensuring it is sustainable and conducted safely and humanely. The Canadian seal harvest is one of the world’s most highly regulated and monitored harvests of wild animals. It is an important economic and cultural activity in communities in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Arctic.

Licensed by Health Canada and CFIA from Raw to Finished.

Health Canada
Health Canada
Health Canada
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